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An insight of the now

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Hello from the Management!

It's time for us to give our (yet) small community an insight into what we've done so far regarding scripts and what we plan to complete in the near future until the date of the soft launch. The considerable development team has developed the core scripts including vehicles, housing, login & character creation, custom objects & textures, punishment system, interaction system, inventory system, combat system, and last but not least chat system. All of these scripts are more or less 80% done. What we plan on doing once these are fully completed are things varying from factions system, drugs system, furniture system, skills system, business system, panels for moderation and support, and a couple more things.

Regarding mapping, we have decorated and detailed all of the towns in Red County just enough to make them charming yet not messy and overloaded. What the mapping team is working on now are the interiors for the housing, hallways, businesses, governmental buildings, commercial buildings, etc.

We are also carefully developing the community, which varies from developing factions to maintaining discussions regarding general roleplay subjects. Most importantly we need all of you to keep up the good work on the parts you are contributing in. Keep in mind that SAC is all of you and without you, there would be no SAC. So hopefully this insight has given you a handful of motivation.

A trailer will be filmed and produced and released in only one month for a sneak peek of what we have to offer. Not only will we show you our first sneak peek, but we will also announce our release date!

On behalf of the SAC:RP Management
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I hope you are as hyped as our management! We're really looking forward to having our own unique game mode as we're making progress every day.

If you haven't joined our Discord server yet, I highly recommend you to do so. You have the chance to actively be part in our roleplay discussions, deciding and suggesting new features.
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