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Server Administration

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San Andreas Counties Roleplay has a varying team of developers, moderators, and administrators. Without this team of great and warm-hearted staff members, the server would not come close to what we are aiming for: applying the highest quality on the field of realism and roleplay. Being a staff member is equal to being a role model. That is one of the many reasons why a staff member is required to perform their duty in a decent way and behave like a role model.

Management      Eggsy — Lead Developer
      Nicholas — Community Coordinator
      Mathi — User Communications Manager / Player Support Manager

Head Administrators      Sinn — Head of Staff
      Paschi — Head of Community Affairs

Lead AdministratorsNo person with this position...
Administrators      Asho — Faction Management
      Jenna — Player Support Assistant Manager
      Warum7 — Faction Management

Development      Eggsy — Lead Developer
      Gonzalo — Developer
      Kavzor — Developer
      Nvreformat — Counsellor

Quality Assurance      Albie

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