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Title: Discord Rules [Updated: 12-04-2019]
Post by: Paschi on April 10, 2019, 02:39:50 AM

Discord is SAC:RP's main communication source, alongside MTA itself. To create and preserve a good atmosphere, we have established five rules which we call the Discord's Five (no, not the Jackson Five. You can read the rules below, or find them in #information.

1. Show respect to each other.
You're allowed to have fun and insult as long as both sides are having a good laugh. Homophobia, religious hatred, racism, and discrimination will get you banned. Think twice before you send something risky.

2. Do not spam or flood channels with useless content.
Nothing is more annoying than people who spam content, such as text or images. Avoid being an annoying fool.

3. English is the main language of SAC:RP. Avoid speaking any other language.
In case this was unknown to you, the main language of SAC:RP is the English language. Speak it anywhere in the server, also on Discord.

4. Do not share illegal links/pictures or NSFW content.
Sharing illegal links, pictures or just NSFW content is highly forbidden. We are a player-friendly community, and we care about each other. Do not lead people to illegal websites, and do not show NSFW content (we are not talking about some good laughter on the field of tricky memes). #memes is excluded but keep out videos about death & extreme gore

5. Do not deliberately lie or spread wrong information and rumors.
You don't want people to spread lies or wrong information about you, so don't do it to others.