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SAC:RP Rules / Discord Rules [Updated: 12-04-2019]
« Last post by Paschi on April 10, 2019, 02:39:50 AM »

Discord is SAC:RP's main communication source, alongside MTA itself. To create and preserve a good atmosphere, we have established five rules which we call the Discord's Five (no, not the Jackson Five. You can read the rules below, or find them in #information.

1. Show respect to each other.
You're allowed to have fun and insult as long as both sides are having a good laugh. Homophobia, religious hatred, racism, and discrimination will get you banned. Think twice before you send something risky.

2. Do not spam or flood channels with useless content.
Nothing is more annoying than people who spam content, such as text or images. Avoid being an annoying fool.

3. English is the main language of SAC:RP. Avoid speaking any other language.
In case this was unknown to you, the main language of SAC:RP is the English language. Speak it anywhere in the server, also on Discord.

4. Do not share illegal links/pictures or NSFW content.
Sharing illegal links, pictures or just NSFW content is highly forbidden. We are a player-friendly community, and we care about each other. Do not lead people to illegal websites, and do not show NSFW content (we are not talking about some good laughter on the field of tricky memes).

5. Do not deliberately lie or spread wrong information and rumors.
You don't want people to spread lies or wrong information about you, so don't do it to others.

Guides & Tutorials / Common English mistakes
« Last post by Mathi on March 30, 2019, 02:22:03 PM »
They're vs. Their vs. There
One's a contraction for "they are" (they're), one refers to something owned by a group (their), and one refers to a place (there).
They're your coworkers.
Their dog ran off yesterday.
She was standing right there.

Your vs. You're
The big difference between the two of those is owning something or being something.
Your being possessive and owning something, examples could be: your name, your car, your house.
You're is a contraction of "you are" and being something, examples could be: you’re beautiful, you’re smart, you’re welcome.

Its vs. it's
Once again we're dealing with something possessive and a contraction.
In this case "its" is possessive and "it's" is a contraction of it is.
This often confuses people because "it's" has an 's after it, which normally means something is possessive, but in this case, it's actually a contraction.

To vs Too
To is commonly used before a noun or verb, in order to describe a destination, recipient, or action. Examples could be:
My friend drove me to my doctor's appointment. (Destination)
I sent the files to my boss. (Recipient)
I'm going to get a cup of coffee. (Action)
Too however, is used as an alternative to "also" or "as well." Examples could be:
My colleague, Mathi Gorbachev, writes for the HubSpot marketing blog, too.
She, too, is vegan.
We both think it's too cold outside.

Who vs. Whom vs. Whose vs. Who's
Who is used to identify a living pronoun.
Who ate all of the cookies?
Whom is usually used to describe someone who's receiving something, like a letter.
Who did we hire to join the podcast team?
Whose is used to assign ownership to someone.
Whose sweater is that?
Who's is used to identify a living being and is a contraction for "who is."
Who's pitching for the Red Sox tonight?

Lose vs. Loose
Lose is a verb that means "to be unable to find (something or someone), to fail to win (a game, contest, etc.)
Loose is an adjective that means "not tightly fastened, attached, or held," like loose clothing or a loose tooth.

Then vs. Than
Then is mainly an adverb used to situate actions in time.
We made dinner, and then we ate it.
Than is a conjunction used primarily to make comparisons.
My dinner was better than yours.

Of vs. Off
Of is used to show that people or things relate to other things or people.
He resigned his position as a member of the school board.
Of can also be used to say that something consists of something else.
She likes to drink a glass of milk before going to bed.
Off is the opposite of on.
The radio was on, but she needed peace and quiet so she turned it off.
Off can also be used when we want to say that something is away from a place.
He was walking his dog without a leash, and the dog ran off.
SAC:RP Rules / General Roleplay Rules
« Last post by Nicholas on March 16, 2019, 07:14:33 PM »
Administrators have the right to remove any player from the server whom they think do not fit the server and its gameplay, for example when a player is not able to roleplay properly. Management has a final word in this decision.

There may be situations where none of the rules below apply. In these situations, it is important that you use common sense to prevent any trouble. We also advise you to request assistance from an Administrator.

As a member of a roleplay community, you are supposed to roleplay and apply realism at all times (unless told otherwise by an Administrator). Refusing to roleplay, disrupting roleplay or avoiding roleplay is not allowed. Examples can be:
  • Refusing to roleplay situations because you have no idea how to properly roleplay it.
  • Disrupting roleplay situations (without approval from an Administrator). This includes, but is not limited to: events, raids, robberies, and shootouts.
  • Avoiding IC situations unrealistically because you are in a hurry.
  • Using the AFK feature to avoid a situation.
  • Do not spam/flood chatboxes or features to disrupt roleplay or individuals.

Using OOC information in IC situations is unfair and therefore forbidden, is called metagaming. Encouraging other individuals to metagame is also not allowed. Examples of metagaming could be, but not limited to:
  • Your character does not know the name of the persons you just met unless you have been introduced already.
  • Using information about factions, players, etc. that your character did not obtain is not allowed.
  • Third-party programs that allow talking with others while roleplaying is strictly forbidden, excluding verified sources.
  • Changing plans by receiving OOC information so that it suits the situation better.

Powergaming can be defined as using inhumane powers to give yourself an unfair advantage. This includes giving other players no chance to respond to your actions and taking their freedom. Examples of powergaming could be, but not limited to:
  • Surviving a headshot is unlikely and will force you to roleplay accordingly.
  • Give people a chance to resist and react to your actions such as taking away weapons or emptying pockets.
  • Roleplaying non-player characters (NPC) that heavily affect the situation, unless permission given by an Administrator.
  • Forcing emotions on other individuals.
  • Refusing to roleplay emotions (e.g. fear or nervousness) or valuing your life.

In order to perform disgusting or extreme roleplay, you require OOC permission from all involved parties. Disgusting roleplay is not allowed in public or crowded places.
Forcing other individuals to give permission is strictly forbidden. During disgusting roleplay, you have the right to stop the situation immediately if you inform all involved parties. The following situations require permission:
  • Executions and decapitations
  • Sexual harassment (includes erotic roleplay and rape)
  • Cannibalism
  • Necrophilia
  • Beastiality
In case the situation requires you to perform any of the above situations, but the involved party gives no permission, you are allowed to simplify the progress without sharing extreme details.

There are several physics that can be abused which do not make sense if compared with real life but they do happen to give you self advantages. Such can be included;

- Bunnyhopping is used when you are running and you are jumping, you can increase the movement and get somewhere faster than usual.
- Chicken running can be used when you are running around in zig-zag style to avoid the bullets hitting you.
- Olympic swimming is used when you are tapping fast the space bar to swim faster or using modified textures and making you lag so you can swim faster.
- Ninja jacking is used when you are pulling out people of their vehicles without roleplaying it correctly.
- Vehicle surfing is used when you are on the hood, trunk or the roof of the vehicle which can be unrealistic. However, there are can exceptions made with this rule in specific vehicles.

Deathmatching can be defined as killing or injuring an individual without a proper roleplay reason. As a victim, you reserve the right to ask the reason for your death. Examples of deathmatching could be, but not limited to:
  • Revenge killing (RK) – memory will be gone after getting killed, so revenge killing is impossible and strictly forbidden.
  • Provoking individuals without a proper roleplay reason.
  • Using your vehicle to harm individuals without a proper roleplay reason.
  • Terrorism acts and bomb threats require permission from an Administrator (this includes fake threats).
  • Pyschopatic actions, e.g. killing or injuring random people, require permission from an Administrator.

The death of your character is called Character Kill (CK). To have a proper CK, the individual should agree on the character's death and everything that is included, such as the memory-loss and a new life. Forcing a CK on an individual is not allowed. Using the CK feature to avoid any roleplay situation is forbidden.

Injuries have to be properly roleplayed; your injuries won't heal within a few minutes, and memories will also be lost of the incident that caused the character to blackout. Do not pretend that you are invincible to injuries.

It is prohibited to roleplay as non-human, this includes animals and other non-human beings. The reason for this is that the behavior of an animal is unpredictable and cannot be roleplayed properly.  However, roleplaying a non-human is allowed in the following situations:
  • The animal does no harm to you or heavily affects the situation, e.g. for domestic use.
  • The animal is necessary for situations like police searching.
It is strictly forbidden to roleplay animal violence in any situation.

You are required to keep the OOC conversations to a minimum and on top of the fact, act polite most of the times. If there is a situation in game that took place and you want to have a conversation to the involved party, you may hit them up through the private message system or try to talk to them in OOC chat but not for too long as it disrupts both when it comes to roleplaying. On the other hand, if an on-duty Administrator approaches you, you should get his questions answered.

However, abusing this kind of freedom in a roleplay scene such as a police shootout is disallowed as you should focus on what is happening in character. If something occurs, you may talk to him through the private message system and/or some other means of communication such as Discord, you may try to a better understanding of the previous situation and if not, you may take this on forum and report the involved party and the scene that took place with evidence.


Using any type of third-party modification in the server in order to gain advantages from it is prohibited. In MTA, they have banned quite a lot of ways to cheat but there are a couple a bit more that are not fixed as they aren't capable of fixing them, thus any person having cheats can get banned permanently. This can include;

- Network emulator applications that can increase your ping to get an advantage of increasing your ping and have low possibilities of dying when in combat.
- AHK (Auto Hot Key) scripts.
- Programs, which aren't unidentified as of yet, that can be used during combat.


In the counties of San Andreas, there are going to be so-on locations and buildings called safe zone and by that, you aren't allowed to injure or murder an individual due to specific reasons, mostly due to the camera surveillance. The following areas or buildings can be;

- All SD / FD headquarters, offices and stations (hospital included)
- County Hall
- Palomino Creek Market
- All banks around the county
- DoJ buildings around the state
- Ammunations

However, you can request permission from an on-duty administrator and explain to him the scene that you want to happen. The on-duty administrator should also supervise of the roleplay scene so the individual can injure or murder a different individual or individuals. However, there are going to be exceptions that the permission will be rejected to avoid any of circumstances that are happening in real life.


The limit on creating a character is 16 and not any lower to avoid any situations with the young. Some roleplay actions can be completely forbidden on the server, the following includes;

Sexual harassments (Any type of harassment)
Child misleading

You cannot request permission to perform or be part of these specific actions as they are completely prohibited. However, you can describe that one of these actions happened in your IC story.

Information / Communication & Social Media
« Last post by Paschi on March 10, 2019, 10:24:30 PM »
San Andreas Counties Roleplay stands for proper communication which means that you will always find someone to talk to whenever you have a question or want to get in touch with us. It doesn't matter if you want to share some memes, animal pictures (especially dogs), roleplay stories or news, we will always be open for your creativity and sociableness.

Discord Server
Stay up-to-date and stay in touch with other players and the administration by joining our Discord server. Our server offers player support text and voice channels for responsive support, normal chat channels as well as updates. You can use it in your web browser or, for better user experience, download the client here. You can also use it for your smartphone and it's completely free - no fees! You can find the invitation link here or by going to our forum's main page and click on the board called 'Discord'.

YouTube Channel
Our YouTube channel will be used to present you the latest updates and previews of upcoming features, trailers and exciting events of SAC:RP. Alternatively, you can also find the link at the bottom of our page (scroll down).

Do you have any suggestions for new platforms SAC:RP should use? Make sure to contact Mathi here on forum or Discord!

Guides & Tutorials / Usage of Country Flags
« Last post by Mathi on February 20, 2019, 08:13:20 PM »
As we have added a mod to the forum that allows you to make little country flags on your posts, I have been so kind to list every single country with their flag and abbreviation down for you, so that you can quickly find the correct abbreviation for the country flag you want to use.
In case there is a country missing which you think shouldn't be missing, please do contact me about it.

To use the flag, write [flag]XX[/flag]. The XX should be replaced with the country's code, which can be found below. ;)

Andorra (ad)
United Arab Emirates (ae)
Afghanistan (af)
Antigua and Barbuda (ag)
Anguilla (ai)
Albania (al)
Armenia (am)
Netherlands Antilles (an)
Angola (ao)
Argentina (ar)
American Samoa (as)
Austria (at)
Australia (au)
Aruba (aw)
Åland Islands (ax)
Azerbaijan (az)
Bosnia and Herzegovina (ba)
Barbados (bb)
Bangladesh (bd)
Belgium (be)
Burkina Faso (bf)
Bulgaria (bg)
Bahrain (bh)
Burundi (bi)
Benin (bj)
Bermuda (bm)
Brunei Darussalam (bn)
Bolivia (Plurinational State of) (bo)
Brazil (br)
Bahamas (bs)
Bhutan (bt)
Bouvet Islands (bv)
Botswana (bw)
Belarus (by)
Belize (bz)
Canada (ca)
Cocos Islands (cc)
Democratic Republic of the Congo (cd)
Central African Republic (cf)
Congo (cg)
Switzerland (ch)
Côte d'Ivoire (Ivory Coast (ci)
Cook Islands (ck)
Chili (cl)
Cameroon (cm)
China (cn)
Colombia (co)
Costa Rica (cr)
Cuba (cu)
Cabo Verde (cv)
Christmas Island (cx)
Cyprus (cy)
Czechia (cz)
Germany (de)
Djibouti (dj)
Denmark (dk)
Dominica (dm)
Dominican Republic (do)
Algeria (dz)
Ecuador (ec)
Estonia (ee)
Egypt (eg
Western Sahara (eh)
Eritrea (er)
Spain (es)
Ethiopia (et)
European Union (eu)
Finland (fi)
Fiji (fj)
Falklands Islands (fk)
Micronesia (fm)
Faroe Islands (fo)
France (fr)
Gabon (ga)
United Kingdom (gb)
Grenada (gd)
Georgia (ge)
French Guiana (gf)
Ghana (gh)
Gibraltar (gi)
Greenland (gl)
Gambia (gm)
Guinea (gn)
Guadeloupe (gp)
Equatorial Guinea (gq)
Greece (gr)
South Georgia and the South Sandwich Islands (gs)
Guatemala (gt)
Guam (gu)
Guinea-Bissau (gw)
Guyana (gy)
Hong Kong
Heard Island and McDonald Islands (hm)
Honduras (hn)
Croatia (hr)
Haiti (ht)
Hungary (hu)
Indonesia (id)
Ireland (ie)
Israel (il)
India (in)
British Indian Ocean Territory (io)
Iraq (iq)
Iran (ir)
Iceland (is)
Italy (it)
Jamaica (jm)
Jordan (jo)
Japan (jp)
Kenya (ke)
Kyrgyzstan (kg)
Cambodia (kh)
Kiribati (ki)
Comoros (km)
Saint Kitts and Nevis (kn)
North Korea (kp)
South Korea (kr)
Kuwait (kw)
Cayman Islands (ky)
Kazakhstan (kz)
Lao (la)
Lebanon (lb)
Saint Lucia (lc)
Liechtenstein (li
Sri Lanka (lk)
Liberia (lr)
Lesotho (ls)
Lithuania (lt)
Luxembourg (lu)
Latvia (lv)
Libya (ly)
Morocco (ma)
Monaco (mc)
Moldova (md)
Montenegro (me)
Madagascar (mg)
Marshall Islands (mh)
Macedonia (mk)
Mali (ml)
Myanmar (mm)
Mongolia (mn)
Macao (mo)
Northerin Mariana Islands ((mp
Martinique (mq)
Mauritania (mr)
Montserrat (ms)
Malta (mt)
Mauritius (mu)
Maldives (mv)
Malawi (mw)
Mexico (mx)
Malaysia (my)
Mozambique (mz)
Namibia (na)
New Caledonia (nc)
Niger (ne)
Norfolk Island (nf)
Nigeria (ng)
Nicaragua (ni)
Netherlands (nl)
Norway (no)
Nepal (np)
Nauru (nr)
Niue (nu)
New Zealand (nz)
Oman (om)
Panama (pa)
Peru (pe)
French Polynesia (pf)
Papua New Guinea (pg)
Philippines (ph)
Pakistan (pk)
Poland (pl)
Saint Pierre and Miquelon (pm)
Pitcairn (pn)
Puerto Rico (pr)
Palestine (ps)
Portugal (pt)
Palau (pw)
Paraguay (py)
Qatar (qa)
Réunion (re)
Romania (ro)
Serbia (rs)
Russian Federation (ru)
Rwanda (rw)
Saudi Arabia (sa)
Solomon Islands (sb)
Seychelles (sc)
Sudan (sd)
Sweden (se)
Singapore (sg)
Saint Helena (sh)
Slovenia (si)
Svalbard and jan Mayen (sj)
Slovakia (sk)
Sierra Leone (sl)
San Marino (sm)
Senegal (sn)
Somalia (so)
Suriname (sr)
Sao Tome and Principe (st)
El Salvador (sv)
Syrian Arab Republic (sy)
Eswatini (sz)
Turks and Caicos Islands (tc)
Chad (td)
French Southern Territories (tf)
Togo (tg)
Thailand (th)
Tajikistan (tj)
Tokelau (tk)
Timor-Leste (tl)
Turkmenistan (tm)
Tunisia (tn)
Tonga (to)
Turkey (tr)
Trinidad and Tobago (tt)
Tuvalu (tv)
Taiwan (tw)
Tanzania (tz)
Ukraine (ua)
Uganda (ug)
United States Minor Outlying Islands (um)
United States of America (us)
Uruguay (uy)
Uzbekistan (uz)
Saint Vincent and the Grenadines (vc)
Venezuela (ve)
British Virgin Islands (vg)
American Virgin Islands (vi)
Viet nam (vn)
Vanuatu (vu)
Wallis and Futuna (wf)
Samoa (ws)
Yemen (te)
Mayotte (yt)
South Africa (za)
Zambia (zm)
Zimbabwe (zw)

Player Support / Points of Contact
« Last post by Nicholas on February 20, 2019, 10:41:00 AM »

View the list below in order to find the appropriate person to direct your queries or concerns to. Directing queries to an inappropriate person will reduce the chance of a proper response. If this list needs updating, contact Mathi.

Staff Affairs
Questions or concerns about Player Support – Contact Mathi or Jenna
Queries or concerns about the Administration Team – Contact Sinn
Queries or concerns about the Management – Contact Nicholas

Faction Affairs
Questions or complaints about factions in general – Read the information on this board
Questions about Faction Affairs Management – Contact George

Development & Design
Questions related to game development – Contact Eggsy
Questions related to mapping – Contact Nicholas
Questions related to modeling – Contact Sinn

Reporting a player / staff member – Read the information on this board
Questions about Community Affairs Management– Contact Paschi

SAC:RP Rules / Forum Rules [Updated: 09-03-2019]
« Last post by Paschi on February 19, 2019, 08:05:30 PM »

San Andreas Counties Roleplay is a place where everyone is welcomed and treated equally. To ensure that, we have a set of rules that need to be respected and not ignored.

1. Respect all other players of this community, no matter their race, age or sex. We aim to keep this community a safe and friendly place for everyone, without being exposed to excessive insults or bullying. This includes but is not limited to homophobia, religious hatred, racism, and discrimination.
   a. Harsh insults are prohibited. Harsh insults may be directed to family members, personal issues or other individual-related matters.
   b. Simple insults are fine as long as they are not repeated several times in a short duration in order to bother someone. Simple insults such as "fuck you", "gtfo" and "stfu".
   c. Do not structurally harass or provoke other players for whatever reason.
   d. Do not threaten players or use any information against their will. Also, do not scare players by saying that they are breaking a rule, let staff deal with that.
   e. As long as both sides are having a good laugh, you may joke with your friends unless you bother other players.
---> Posts will be removed and player will be verbally warned. In the case of repeated offending, the player will be warned for 15% per post depending on the severity. The player can be banned for 14 days for excessive offending.

2. Use your brain and common sense before posting and think twice before submitting a post. Read the corresponding rules and/or tutorials when submitting a post in a specific board.
---> Punishment depends on the corresponding rule ranging from a trivial offense which will get you a verbal warning to light (15%) and medium (30%) offenses.

3. Do not spam the forum with irrelevant or useless posts.
   a. Do not double/triple posts. Use the 'modify' button of your previous post instead.
   b. Do not flood someone's private inbox and have patience if the administration team does not respond within a few minutes.
   c. Do not post in topics you are not supposed to involved in/post in.
---> Posts will be removed and player will be verbally warned. In the case of repeated or excessive offending, the player will be warned for 15% per post.

4. SAC:RP is an English community, so all posts have to be in the English language. Foreign language boards are excluded, however, you are still allowed to talk English there as well as long as you do not bother players.
---> Posts will be removed and player will be verbally warned. In the case of repeated offending, the player will be warned for 15% per post.

5. Illegal content such as programs, links or pictures should not be shared. Most of these websites give users a bad experience like viruses. In case you do not trust a website, do not share it. This also includes advertising for other websites or servers.
---> Posts will be removed and player will be banned for 7 days.

6. Do not post any NSFW content such as pornography and gore/snuff films and pictures.
---> The player will be banned for 14 days.

7. Griefing or spreading false information is strictly forbidden.
   a. Do not spread rumors or wrongful claims that are obviously false or have not been substantiated.
   b. Trolling (new) players by giving them false information is forbidden.
   c. Dishonesty and deliberately lying in your posts is not allowed.
---> Posts will be removed and player will be verbally warned. In the case of repeated offending, the player will be warned for 15% per post.

8. Make use of the right category/board when submitting a post. Watch carefully if it's IC, OOC or any other off-topic related board. Screenshots should be placed between brackets (( )) since they are OOC.
---> Posts will be removed and player will be verbally warned. In the case of repeated offending, the player will be warned for 15% per post.

9. Multi-accounting is prohibited. Do not create more than one account, because you simply do not need to have more.
---> The oldest account will be banned for 21 days. All other accounts will be removed.

Information / SAC:RP Staff Roster
« Last post by Nicholas on February 19, 2019, 12:37:03 PM »

San Andreas Counties Roleplay has a varying team of developers, moderators, and administrators. Without this team of great and warm-hearted staff members, the server would not come close to what we are aiming for: applying the highest quality on the field of realism and roleplay. Being a staff member is equal to being a role model. That is one of the many reasons why a staff member is required to perform their duty in a decent way and behave like a role model.

      Eggsy — Lead Developer
      Nicholas — Community Coordinator
      Mathi — User Communications Manager, Player Support Manager

      George — Head of Factions
      Paschi — Head of Community Affairs
      Sinn — Head of Staff Affairs

      Jenna — Player Support Assistant Manager


      Eggsy — Lead Developer
      Gonzalo — Assistant Lead Developer
      Nvreformat — Counsellor